Metodologías avanzadas para identificar, evaluar y transferir soluciones innovadoras para la accesibilidad de personas con discapacidad

Accessibility: the key for inclusive teleworking

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      Accessibilitech Team

      In a few hours the webinar will start. European-level representatives of groups of people with disabilities will expose the needs and technological barriers that some users face when teleworking, a situation especially aggravated with the start of COVID-19 that forcibly moved the office to other remote environments.

      Also participating will be experts from leading technology corporations who will talk about the strategies and measures they have implemented to solve the major challenges of accessibility in teleworking.

      If you have something to say about accessibility in telework , this forum is the place

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      Antonio Blanco

      Hi. I missed (unfortunately) this webinar but I hoped to watch it later in your page. It happened now a while ago, and I wonder if it was recorded and will be published in your YouTube Channel.

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