Metodologías avanzadas para identificar, evaluar y transferir soluciones innovadoras para la accesibilidad de personas con discapacidad

Respuesta a: The Accessibility of e-learning solutions in crisis times

Alejandro Rodriguez-Ascaso

Hi everyone,

The ONCE Foundation Channel at UNED (Canal Fundación ONCE en UNED, in Spanish), provides online, open free training on Design for All on different fields, with an strong emphasis on ICT and digitalization: Accessible Digital Materials, Accessibility in Public ICT Procurement, Accessibility in Customer Service, etc. Updated information about these courses is provided at the Channel’s website:

This training innitiative is funded by ONCE Foundation and by the Royal Board on Disability (Spanish Ministry of Social Affairs).

Online, free training was a key resource during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is confirmed by figures in the Annual Report of the Channel (2020): The number of students enrolled in 2020 doubled the number in 2019. In 2020, four of the Channel’s courses were selected by the State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE) to be part of the “Digitalization” Program, for free training in digital skills. According to that portal, between June 2020 and January 2021 the number of visits made through its search engine to these courses was 680. In addition, during the pandemic and the lockdown, the Channel’s courses were part of the program «University at home», promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Universities.