Advanced methodologies for identifying, evaluating and transferring innovative solutions for accessibility for people with disabilities.


Toolkit purpose

This toolkit collects sources of awareness-raising materials on accessibility aimed to developers and providers of ICT products and services.
It offers sources on European accessible policy and accessibility standards, and guidance on designing inclusive and accessible technologies. It also includes useful information for users about accessibility features of operating systems and mainstream applications.

It is hoped that this Toolkit will contribute to motivate the development of accessible and inclusive practices and technologies as well as a better understanding of accessibility policies and standards.

illustration of a person standing looking at a large digital screen containing several folders as a repository.

It’s open to contributions from organizations and individuals interested in raising awareness on the topic of accessibility and accessible technologies.

If you have any materials that you would like to share with us (documents, guides, videos) to contribute towards this Toolkit, please, contact to

If you want to know about the real needs of people with disabilities when interacting with technology and how to improve accessibility in digital documents, audiovisual materials, events (in-person and online), common accessibility mistakes etc. Please visit Guidelines on accessibility.