Communication and Information Technologies (ICTs) are essential for the everyday life. Restrictions on mobility experienced during the past year as a result of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, have led to a massive use of different technological devices in order to remotely work, assist classes and obtain medical attention and other care services. Many people with disabilities have found themselves dealing with devices that are not fully accessible or are not accessible at all. Additionally, finding solutions capable of solving many of those problems has proved to be difficult.  

ACCESSIBILITECH  is a EU funded initiative that seeks to provide solutions to problems such as those experienced during the pandemic and that likely to arise again.The project’s main goals are:

To revise and upgrade the existing system of identification of inclusive and accessible technology solutions at EU and international level, to transform it into an active listening tool on these types of technologies, allowing the systematic capture and collaborative analysis of experiences and solutions.  

To identify, map and analyse innovative experiences and solutions that use technology to guarantee the accessibility of people with disabilities in the areas of telework, eLearning and online care services, analysing their main features, success factors and scale-up and transferability potential.  

To define, test and validate the process of scaling-up and/or transferring of successful solutions to other contexts (purpose, territory, etc.) different from those of their origin with guarantees of success.  

To Institutionalize the cooperation between the partners and the main stakeholders in the field, by creating a long-term collaborative space catalysing the capture, sharing and validation of information and knowledge regarding inclusive and accessible solutions.  

To facilitate and accelerate the validation of the transfer methodology of those solutions that could potentially be scalable or replicable at EU level.  

To disseminate information and knowledge on the most effective solutions raising awareness on their added value for people with disabilities and for society.  

To provide guidance on inclusive and accessible technology based on the tested methodologies and analysis, in order to contribute to the consistent and coherent implementation of Union law, policies and funds.  

To develop inclusive and accessible technologies, and to foster public awareness about the rights deriving from it.