Advanced methodologies for identifying, evaluating and transferring innovative solutions for accessibility for people with disabilities.

The European project Accessibilitech (Advanced Methodologies to Identify, Assess and Transfer Innovative Solutions for the Accessibility of People with Disability), led by ONCE Foundation, has set up a form for developers to submit information about their accessible solutions. The aim is to design a map of accessible technologies that are easy to replicate and transfer to other environments or application areas.

Accessibilitech offers research groups from universities, companies, non-profit organisations and individuals the possibility to include their accessible solutions in a web platform that will be launched in the first quarter of 2022 on the project’s website.

For this purpose, a form has been created where to provide all the information on products, services, tools, projects or initiatives to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities in the areas of teleworking, e-learning and telecare services.

This data can be sent during the project’s lifetime, which will come to an end in May 2023. It will also be complemented by data collected by a search engine to identify technologies on the Internet using artificial intelligence techniques.

The Accessibilitech iniciative is being developed by Fundación ONCE with Inserta Innovación, the European organisation Digital Europe and the European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities (EASPD). It is also supported by the European Disability Forum, Social Economy Europe and the European Foundation Centre (EFC), and is funded by the European Union under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).

Among its objectives is to define, validate and implement an advanced manual and semi-automatic methodology to identify, analyse, disseminate and transfer innovative experiences and solutions that use technology to ensure accessibility.

As a result, the project plans to have a web platform on which the accessible solutions detected at European level can be visualised on a map through the use of artificial intelligence techniques and the forms submitted.

Source: ESMARTCITY (Spanish)

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