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Ever Health

Ever Health

Ever Health Technological Medical Services


Ever Health has been recognized by ACCESSIBILITECH as a good practice in accessibility and inclusivity for being an innovative technology, becoming the first inclusive telemedicine platform. Its online medical services offer maximum accessibility, quality healthcare, and information security.

Se It consists of a set of healthcare solutions based on technology, provided to healthcare professionals to quickly and effectively address medical situations or simply seek support from professionals and specialists. This has an impact on society, saving time with a highly accessible system that democratizes access to healthcare.

Telemedicine Services

Ever Health provides services to all types of companies, for their employees and/or health projects, residences and home care, hospitals, schools, healthcare professionals, and insurance companies for Life, Home, Funeral, Auto, Business, and Travel Assistance insurance branches.

Present in Spain and Latin America, it has its own medical and specialist team, whose main goal is to care for and ensure the quality of healthcare service to achieve a real telemedicine experience through a platform and proprietary video technology that has obtained AA accessibility certification.

There are two ways to access consultations::

  • One Click: As part of Ever Health’s commitment to accessibility, an immediate access solution is the One Click system, which allows access to consultations through a link sent by SMS or email, as well as receiving the medical report and corresponding prescription.

A patient contact his doctor with a smartphone.

  • Patient Portal: A platform developed by Ever Health with 24/7 service, certified as inclusive. It is available for doctors (SaaS) and patients, who can request and access consultations, both through chat and video consultation and teleconsultation (in the latter case, the use of a kit and medical-technological devices that facilitate the resolution of consultations up to 92% of the cases is included), in addition to having access to all the information recorded in it or to the health prevention program and And technological tools using Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of providing a diagnosis of key health parameters with a 30-second video selfie.

Health Plan

Ever Health has a personalized health program, supported by the team of doctors and specialists, and endorsed by the Mayo Clinic, aimed at promoting information and prevention.

Easy access without the need for app downloads and from anywhere and any device allows many people to save significant costs and time. At the same time, it enables the timely detection of diseases, better control of physical and mental health, and a more balanced lifestyle.
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