Advanced methodologies for identifying, evaluating and transferring innovative solutions for accessibility for people with disabilities.



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Visualfy Places has been proposed as the most suitable system for evaluation and beta testing based on a selection of 10 telecare solutions extracted from the ACCESSIBILITECH mapping tool.

Visualfy Places has been recognized by ACCESSIBILITECH as an accessible and inclusive GOOD PRACTICE for being an innovative technology that empowers deaf people or people with hearing loss, promoting their comfort and safety and favoring their integration into society.

It is a se t of technological solutions that offers accessibility to public and private spaces, to guarantee compliance with current legislation on equal opportunities and access to services and products, and allow people with hearing loss real equal opportunities.It consists of technological and communication solutions.

The System

The system, patented in 44 countries, recognizes relevant sounds from the environment -such as a fire alarm or a beep on a turn waiting system- and translates them into visual and sensory alerts on any connected device, both common to the space -intelligent building lighting- and personal – mobile or smartband-

Everything is configured through a free app that can be downloaded from the iOS and Android stores and allows the user to make all notifications from third-party applications installed on their terminal accessible. For example, when an SMS arrives from the Hospital informing us of our appointment, we can make the smartphone screen flashes in purple color and show you the details of your appointment. Or that the user puts on an accessible warning note, to take the medication correctly every 8 hours or even have the lights at home or the smart bracelet notifies you if you are having a sugar rush.

To guarantee global accessibility, communication solutions are added to technological solutions. Through magnetic loops, it is possible to improve communication with hearing aid and cochlear implant users, and through a video interpretation platform in sign language, real-time communication between deaf and hearing users is allowed.

Solution for private homes

Visualfy also has a solution for private homes.

Visualfy Home is a home automation system that permanently listens in the user’s home and learns from their daily sound activity. It is capable of making the different sounds of the familiar environment accessible to a deaf person or person with hearing loss. The system consists of 3 sound detectors and a main hub, the detectors are always listening and when they locate a sound they send it to the main hub where a sound recognition AI is able to determine what sound it is and send a notification directly to the user’s smartphone or any other wearable.

In this way, the user can configure that when the doorbell rings the smartphone flashes in a green color with a bell, that if the baby cries the smartphone and the smartband notify him or if the fire alarm sounds, all the lights of house flash in red color.

Visualfy in a health place.Someone looking at Visualfy app in a smartphone