Advanced methodologies for identifying, evaluating and transferring innovative solutions for accessibility for people with disabilities.

ADEDU: Accessible Digital EDUcation

Digital education should be accessible and inclusive.

In the early weeks of February, the Accessible Digital EDUcation (ADEDU) partnership met in Brussels to start the 2.5 year project. Focussing on accessible education, the project will support the inclusion of learners affected by learning disabilities, understanding diversity and embracing diversity in society, especially in education, is even more complex within the digital transition. During the lifetime of the project there will be a number of activities, including an awareness raising campaign that will spread the message of digital inclusion in education and its importance.

During the two day meeting, the project partners got to know each other and understand the expertise they bring to the table. This project will:

  1. Upskill adult educators working in the field of digital inclusion, through a tailored training course.
  2. Strengthen the capacity of learning centres across Europe in including people affected by learning disabilities.
  3. Promote inclusive education and raise awareness of learning disabilities.

More about ADEDU Project

Source: EASPD News

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