Advanced methodologies for identifying, evaluating and transferring innovative solutions for accessibility for people with disabilities.

“Accessible Europe: ICT 4 ALL”,  provided an opportunity for stakeholders to converge and strenghten knowledge on policies, current good practices as well as benefits of accessibility.

International experts met in Madrid to discuss how the development and promotion of digital accessibility can contribute to the creation of an inclusive society, as part of ‘Accessible Europe: ICT 4 ALL’ organised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the European Commission (EC) and AccessibleEU.

During the opening session, AccessibleEU’s director, Jesús Hernández, spoke about the Centre’s achievements during its first year. In 2023, the European Accessibility Resource Centre has hosted 90 events, built a Community of Practice which has over 1500 members, and built a digital library with over 150 Good Practices and over 130 references on accessibility.

Lastly, Hernández thanked the AccessibleEU team, the Consurtium and the experts for their work during this “exciting year”. He also thanked the ITU and expressed his belief that the event is the beginning of an alliance to work on accessible technology for all of humanity.

The forum’s first day focused on strengthening knowledge of policy and decision makers, as well as all involved stakeholders on ICT accessibility. In the late afternoon there was a pitching session featuring innovative solutions from various companies.

The second day will explore universal design, AI, emerging technologies, and Metaverse.

The event was supported by the Spanish Government, and hosted by Fundación ONCE.

Source: AccessibleEU

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