Advanced methodologies for identifying, evaluating and transferring innovative solutions for accessibility for people with disabilities.

The course is available on the AccessibleEU online campus and ends on 15 December.

AccessibleEU has launched the online course “Accessible Technology Design” that teaches the basics of universal accessibility in digital environments. After completing it, students will be able to:

  • Define accessibility and inclusive design as goals to achieve.
  • Understand the principles of Universal Design.
  • Distinguish the differences between legal and technical regulations.
  • Know the legislation and standards in force in Europe.
  • Understand that accessibility benefits every people and that it is a necessary objective.
  • Learn that the limitations are in the design and not in the person.
  • Learn about errors in design that cause exclusion.
  • Understand why multiple designs should be avoided for the sake of accessibility.

This course has been designed in a MOOC format to allow students to complete it at their own pace. It has an estimated dedication time of 25 hours and it is imparted in English. To pass the course students must complete a self-assessment questionnaire. In addition, it is recommended to participate in the classroom forums, although not mandatory to pass the course.

To sign up, create an account on the AccessibleEU campus.

The course ends on 15 December.

Source: AccessibleEU

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