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ADEDU project Survey: Share your experience on learning disabilities

Take part in the ADEDU project survey on learning disabilities. 

The ADEDU project on accessible digital education is conducting a survey to gather insights from professionals in the field of education. Specifically looking at their understanding of learning disabilities amongst their students, and challenges they face in accommodating them within the existing methods of teaching in schools.

The survey addresses a wide array of topics, ranging from the identification of specific learning disabilities to the impact on teaching practices, and the effectiveness of existing support systems. The questionnaire includes a blend of closed-ended and open-ended questions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


Through the results gathered from this survey, a training and needs analysis will be drawn up by the partners of the ADEDU project to understand the gaps and requirements in the education system in Europe in addressing learning disabilities. Know more about the ADEDU project here. 

Source: EASPD.

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