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EDF releases its EU Law Enforcement Toolkit

The toolkit provides the disability community with an overview of the remedy mechanisms available to use when their rights are violated. It will be launched on 28 May at EDF Annual General Assembly. 

The document clarifies which mechanisms is the most appropriate according to the circumstances. Since enforcement is a combined effort of both European and National bodies, it makes a distinction between these two administrative and judicial levels.

During the Assembly representatives from Ombudsman team, Equinet, National Equality Bodies and EDF will be explaining how these mechanisms work and support people with disabilities and their representatives.

The toolkit is available for downloading from EDF’s website.

The Assembly will take place on 28 May at 14:00 CEST. It will include real-time captioning in English as well as international sign language interpretation.

More information and registration. 

Source: European Disability Forum.

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